The Archipelago Museum in Lappo – The most comprehensive collection of rustic wooden boats in the Baltic sea!

Boats and life in the archipelago go hand in hand. In the archipelago boats are, and have always been, a part of daily life. But times are changing. In times gone by all boats were powered by oars and sails, on fishing trips as well as trips to the city. On the piers in Finnvik were all kinds of old wooden boats: julles, roddsumps, skötboats and storboats – every one of them built with knowledge and feel, good to handle and beautiful to the eye.

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  • Aktuellt 2012

    29 - 30.6. Målartalko på Skärgårdsmuseet.

    14.7. Lappofesten med allmogebåtar från Åland & Finland.

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