The smithy

Adjacent to the museum is Edvard Åkerberg’s old smithy, which is the last remnant of a curious complex of an American style wind turbine, sawmill and mill. In the smithy, which is fully operational, the local youth society’s collection of old objects is displayed. It consists of around 200 objects from Lappo, Björkö, Asterholma and Torsholma. A complete set of cobbler’s tools, as well as gear for hunting seals on the winter ice, are part of the collection.

The smithy can be rented for use, contact Erik Ohlson.

  • Aktuellt 2012

    29 - 30.6. Målartalko på Skärgårdsmuseet.

    14.7. Lappofesten med allmogebåtar från Åland & Finland.

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