60°19,03′N 20°59,90′E

Welcome to Lappo!

Lappo is an island in the southern part of Åland's easternmost municipality, Brändö. Lappo covers an area of 8 square kilometers, measuring 4,3 kilometers from north to south. The island has around 34 inhabitants year round and many more in the summer. Lappo has a store with post office, library, guest harbour, museum, summer restaurant, pension, minigolf course and hiking trail. From the village harbor Finnvik there is a connection with M/S Spoven to neighboring island Asterholma and Asterholma holiday village. A ferry to Björkö can be found at the southwestern end. The villages of Lappo, Björkö and Asterholma comprise the traditional region of “Björköbol” – the same area which has the postal code 22840 Lappo.

Lappo has been inhabited since the 13th or 14th century. A roman ring found on Lappo in the 1930s can nowadays be seen in the Museum of Åland. In later times the old postal route from Sweden to Finland went through Lappo from Kumlinge in the south to Torsholma in the north. The island experienced a striking upswing in culture and education in the 19th century. Lappo library, the oldest public library in Åland, was founded in 1882, Lappo school was founded in 1887, the youth association in 1895, Lappo cooperative bank in 1925 and the cooperative store in 1941. The youth associations house Klockkulla from 1931 is originally designed by renowned Finnish architect Lars Sonck.

The village harbor Finnvik is a popular guest harbor with space for 90 boats. From the guest harbor there is only a short walk to the store, post office, restaurant and the Arcipelago museum and it's forge. The island is located within an easy day sail from Uusikaupunki, Turku, Parainen, Naantali, Kustavi, Nagu or Iniö. Lappo is also conveniently along the route when going to Mariehamn, Kumlinge, Enklinge or further west. The island's coordinates are 60°19,03′N and 20°59,90′E.

Lappo is also easily reachable without a boat. The island is situated along Ålandstrafiken's so called Northern line from Kustavi in Finland Proper to Vårdö on Åland. Ålandstrafiken's ferry M/S Alfågeln operates from Torsholma in Brändö municipality to Kumlinge and Vårdö – a popular route to the Åland main isles and a perfect route for a biking or car holiday!

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